Yogacharya V.Venkatesha

Yogacharya V. Venkatehsa started his practice at an early age of 13.

He is an amazingly advanced practitioner, whose learning and teaching are based upon EXPERIENCE alone.

He has been practicing regularly for the past18 years and has won many National and International awards including the prestigious title of YOGA SAMRAT (Emperor of Yoga).

He started teaching at an early age of 16 and now at 34, he is one among the most respected and renowned yoga teachers of the world.

Till now, since the founding of the shala in 1998, he has trained thousands of western students, apart from innumerable Indian students.

He is very well known for his precision, dignity, discipline and ability to grade and handle the students of all levels, Though, he is an expert in all sections of Yoga, his special and rare expertise in back bending asanas, has earned him the title rubber yogi. He is the first person to introduce special courses on flexibility improvement techniques which are based on very strong scientific, yet traditional grounds.


Acharye Hema

Hema started her yoga practice under the guidance of Acharya Venkatesha at an early age of 12. Apart from being an advanced practitioner, her exceptional analytical skills and grasping power, brought her into the teaching field at the age of 16.

She is has the credit of being the youngest referee at many National level yoga championships, not to mention that she has been a champion herself in many such competitions.

Having studied Sanskrit, Chanting and Philosophy, for about twenty years, she has a great mastery in those subjects and hence she currently heads the philosophy section of the shala.

Also, she is one among the youngest Sutra teachers of the world. Her yoga sutra classes are highly popular among the yoga students.

Now, at 25, she is the secretary of and Principal yoga teacher of Atmavikasa.

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